Foot Care for people with Diabetes

Many cases with diabetes nowadays.

It is so important to take a look at yourself and control what you are eating.

If not, than maybe, diabetes may attack you.

Today I would like to share few things regarding a foot care for people with diabetes.

Many things need to be done if you are diagnosed with one of these.

Again, hope this tips help. 🙂

Diabetes in wikipedia

Face Mask Beauty Tips

Hi there again, Mary’s here

Today I would like to share a natural face mask beauty tips.

I find this video interesting to share with you guys and girls.

Hope this video can make all of us beautiful again.


Here are usuful link for this video

Hope you enjoy.

Yaya’s Hand Made Craft

Hi all, Mary here, this is the first post to all,

I would like to tell you guys about my hobbies. I like to make a hand-craft item.

Cute craft for present and sometimes I sold them to make a side income, if you want some craft, feel free to contact me for more info.




Hope you like this, I share things like this a lot. Here are some info from wikipedia regarding handcraft.

Stay tuned.