Health and Beauty Tips and Changing My Household Items

It has been a while since my last post regarding my new health and beauty store. The new year is coming soon and it is about time for me to take a look at latest items in my house. Thanks to this article about home improvement, I am able to get a few deals regarding home improvement and things that I need to change at my house this year.

As for my journey to get a new things especially beauty and health care tips, I share some of them in here and also here.

Lesson learned:

There are many things that I learned from the Asian especially from the Indonesian on how to manage their own beauty. As I traveled through a different country, I learned many things that I think is the best and totally different culture. Also a different way of how the Asians react to their beauty.

Also, few things that I learned a lot is, the traditional method still works and who knows, maybe I can commercialize the traditional method that is used in local Indonesian culture to a western culture. Many things need to take a look at before going that way.

Have fun and stay tuned for our latest update. I will share in the next post on the traditional method that is used by the Indonesian to preserve their beauty.