Lasik surgery for eye beauty

Hi all,

I think that, it was such a long time before I didn’t update this blog. I have been busy lately handle my business. Soon I would like to open my own online shop. Hope that you will take a look at them and buy stuff from me.

Today I would like to talk about lasik surgery and a few facts about it. It is because I will sell contact lenses and spec in the future. Hope my collection of beauty shop will be completed soon.

As promise, since some of my client would prefer a Lasik surgery for their beauty and secret tips, I would like to give a little introduction about what is Lasik is all about and things to do before undergo Lasik surgery.

For patient, information regarding the surgery is important just in case everything went wrong. What is your expectation before, and after the surgery is so important. Please consult your doctor or the person in charge of the surgery to brief and explain about these. I believe that a doctor would be able to tell and give best opinion regarding your condition before undergo a Lasik surgery.

Please tell your doctor the most important things that they want to know which is a medical history. With this, your doctor or eye specialist will be able to evaluate your condition much faster and can recommend the best method to start Lasik operation. Please tell the doctor regarding your health condition and related allergy.

Your doctor will recommended eye exam to better examine your eye condition. This is important as this will bring more and more information before starting a surgery and with this, your surgery will become simpler and faster.

That’s it for now, next article, I would like to give a little information regarding Cataract surgery. Stay tuned.