Meeting with Malaysian diplomat in Australia

Hi all, Mary again

This is my friend Anis


Regarding to my previous post where I go few places in South East Asia in order for me to enhance my beauty product, I meet a few nice people there as well as before aI travel to there. It is because of them that I am able to gain many handful and good product that I think is worth to sell it in here. Just wait for my beauty e-commerce store.

I meet a Malaysian diplomat which is I think a very nice person to talk to. Her name was Alia. She introduce herself as Alia and I meet him actually at Malaysian embessy. When I told her that I am planning to travel to Malaysia in search for a beauty product, she seems interested and willing to help. Thanks god!

With her help, I am able to get to know great place to find a good product in Malaysia such as in Terengganu and Kelantan. Both Terengganu and Kelantan is one of Malaysian state and it is a good place to know this place as this place have a lot of what I am looking for. I am able to get what I am looking for thanks to her.

During the travel we talk a lot, and she even share with me how he is able to become a diplomat as a representative for Malaysia. In brief, start with examination where one must pass the exam, with few guide contoh soalan peperiksaan pegawai tadbir diplomatik M41, she is able to become one of the diplomat. It is a good things to become a diplomat and thanks to that now, I have a good friend willing to help me build my store.

My store is about to open, just wait and see.