My Experience Searching Beauty Products in Malaysia

In my previous post I did talk about how I look for a beauty product in Malaysia and Indonesia. Indonesia and Malaysia is rich for a beauty product for me to use and to sell it here in Aussie. Even though this website is about beauty product, I will share my experience when I travel to all of these country especially Malaysia.

Malaysia is known for a very unique culture and multi races country. The economy is booming with many buildings and places around. Therefore, for this time, I will talk about Malaysia and how I find a beauty product in there.

Shah Alam

Shah Alam is the capital city of Selangor. It is one of the most developed state in Malaysia compared to others. It is a quiet town and I like this town very well. Not too hectic and still offer a good development of this town. This Shah Alam remembered to to Gold Coast Australia where I used to hang out a while ago.

During my visit in Shah Alam, I use this car rental service Shah Alam to rent a car and look around Shah Alam town. Instead of searching for a beauty product, I happened to shop around at their shopping mall and buying a few clothes and beauty product.

Shah Alam is a good place for me and I satisfied being here. Hope that I can come to Shah Alam again one day to visit places there. During that time also, I will choose ezsmartrental as a car rental choice.

That’s it for now, I will continue writing and sharing many things related to beauty product after this.