Take care of your overall foot health

Again today’s post is all about foot health and how we can maintain them to our best. Previously I did mentioned about podiatrist specialist¬†which is we can get more info from dr zen.

Other than dr zen, I also have a chance to interview dr Hamilton, she is a podiatrist and have a clinic in Lethbridge and Red Deer. If you are looking for a PODIATRIST in Lethbridge or Red Deer Podiatrist Doctor, you can refer to her for more info.

Looks, I like collecting information from time to time, and it is best to do so as I get more and more information from them regarding beauty and secret tips.

She and Dr zen is much alike, nothing new info I was getting on her, but what I notice is, Dr Hamilton is such a nice and caring lady. I personally like her and if you are her patient, it is good to get a doctor like her. She is not just consulting, she also sometimes give an explanation regarding foot condition and so forth.

Nothing much I can gain from beauty and secret for foot this time, but that was enough for me as I can get much info in Here.

As a friendly reminder, if you know a podiatrist or foot practitioner and would like me to interview him, just drop me an email so that I can contact them.

Long story short, if you are looking forward to become a doctor, just like my sister in law wants to be in the future, I would personally recommended a podiatrist as it is a good career opportunity in the future.

That’s it, hope you enjoy my post this time. All the best

To my muslim friend, Happy Ramadhan Kareem.