The importance of telecommunication while travel

Hi all, just for a quick update from me, I have been traveling to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia recently. With purpose to find a reliable product for my beauty and healthcare store. Because of that, I have not update this blog for a while and it is a bad things for me and reader like you.

Finding products

There are too many product for beauty in Malaysia and Indonesia. Well, those country is known for a traditional beauty product. I am able to find a good and reliable product there to sell in Australia and NZ market. Just wait because I will open an ecom store in a while and hope you can take a look at it.

Currently, I am looking for a method to market my products. Some of them using ebay and amazon and facebook fan pages to sell my products. With the ecom store that I mentioned before, hope that things will go smoothly as expected and I can reach wider audience.

Telecommunication issue

I have a few telecommunication issue while travelling in those country. Good and reliable telcos is a must if you plan to travel there. There are too many telcos available in those country and I remember using ONEXOX pengalaman bersama is one of the best telcos.

I dont plan to promote much but it is essential to have a good telcos while travelling there. Hope you enjoy my article.